About us

Owners Wild Bill & Mad Mike

B & M's Motorheadz is a company created by the merger of two shops, Bill's shop specializing in mechanical repair and custom engine building, and Mike's Shop a full service auto body shop specializing in collision, restorations and custom styling. Together we have created a shop that can address nearly every aspect of a vehicle, from the way it runs to the way it looks.

Bill has been working on cars since he was a kid helping out in his dads shops J&B Volkswagen repair, then moving on to Mitsubishi specialists. For a time he worked on boats in Florida. Bill ultimately returned to Colorado and found his way into the granite industry. Bill opened up Motorheadz for his daughter and son-in-law. They left to New Mexico and Bill took over the shop right when the bottom of the granite industry dropped out.

Mike started off in the tuner scene as a hobbyist messing with Honda’s and Mitsubishi’s then into diesel swaps and body and paint. Later partnered with an existing body shop to share and hone skills that had been developed. Later that partnership was terminated with Mike keeping the shop for a time, then partnering with another shop to create B&M’s Motorheadz, and releasing more amazing creations to the world.

With several custom builds and swaps completed he earned the name Mad Mike. Examples include; first AWD swapped 3rd gen eclipse, 3.3l Cummins Diesel Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Lincoln Town Truck.

Many more builds to come…

Having fun creating unique rides

in the great state of Colorado